Third of men wear tights under suit to the office

Tightsplease has released the results of its Men in Tights survey, which it conducted on its website last month.

The results revealed that not only do 34 percent of male tight aficionados wear them under their suit to the office, but the majority are happy to pay over £30 for a pair, as long as they are ‘soft and luxurious’ against the skin.

Female respondents remained unflappable. Only 15 percent of those questioned in the survey admitted that they didn’t like the idea of their man wearing tights and a further 37 percent turn a blind eye. But 48 percent said they love shopping for tights with their other half.

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One woman respondent said: “Men are supposed to be warriors! I’m a strong woman, with the ability to look after myself; I want my man to be able to do the same! You can’t expect a man in tights to look after anyone – Superman IS NOT REAL!!!”

On the other side of the spectrum, one commenter raised the theory that the more alpha the man, the more they like to feel feminised. Another person, apparently, was laughing too much to type.

But, while they might air their feelings online, the majority of men still like to keep their passion secret, with 58 percent of men who responded saying they don’t like to tell friends or colleagues, fearing their reaction.

The most popular tights from to be worn by men are the Cette Dublin Plus Size Tights and the wide range of ‘soft and luxurious tights’ by designer brand Wolford.

Survey Questions:

1. Are you male or female?
2. Is your partner male or female?
3. Does your man wear tights?
4. Where does your man wear tights most often?

– At work – he works outside and the tights keep his legs warm in the winter!
– In the office – he likes how they feel against his skin, he wears them under his trousers in the office.
– Around the house – he likes to cross dress in when we’re at home.
– At the weekend – my partners a cross dresser, he likes to wear tights when we’re out.
– In the bedroom. I love my man in tights.
5. Does your man have a favourite brand of tights?
– Does your man have a favourite brand of tights? He isn’t particularly fussy, he just wears tights simply to keep his legs warm.
– He wears them under his work uniform to keep him warm outside, but he likes a brand that he can trust, so he always chooses Pretty Polly.
– Wolford; they’re soft and luxurious. He likes how they feel against his skin.
– Pamela Mann. The brighter the colour and more dramatic the print, the better! He loves to stand out when he’s wearing tights!
6. How much would he be willing to spend on one pair of tights?
– No more than £5.00
– Anything up to £10
– If he liked the colour and style, he’d be happy to spend between £10 – £30 on a pair of tights.
– Luxury is the main reason that he likes to wear tights, he’d spend anything between £30 – £50 on a pair of high quality tights.
7. How do you feel about your man wearing tights?
– How do you feel about your man wearing tights? He wears them for work, to keep him warm. It doesn’t really bother me.
– I don’t particularly like the idea of my man wearing tights, but it’s only at work and it’s his choice.
– I love it!!! We love picking clothes together. It’s like having a husband and best girl friend!!!
8. Would your man prefer tights specifically made for men, or does he like the idea of wearing women’s tights?
– He’d prefer tights specifically made for men
– He likes the idea of wearing women’s tights; they make him feel sexy and feminine!
– Women’s tights are generally more luxurious and soft, so he’d prefer women’s tights.
9. The Spring Summer 2011 catwalks, were full of men in leggings. How do you feel about men in leggings?
– That’s ridiculous! Men don’t need encouraging by designers to start cross dressing!
– I can imagine it looking quite cool on a 21 year old, but I can’t imagine it will be that popular.
– Wow! This is incredible! Finally a new trend not dragged back from a previous season. My man will love this trend!!
10. Is your man open about wearing tights?
– No, he likes to keep it to himself. He doesn’t like to share the fact that he wears tights with his colleagues or friends.
– Yes he’s quite open about wearing tights.
– He’s very open. It’s trying to get him to keep it a secret that’s the problem! Although trying to hide a man wearing a pair of fluorescent tights, isn’t very easy!
11. Has the recent hype surrounding superhero’s in tights, encouraged your man to wear tights, or be more open about wearing tights?
– Has the recent hype surrounding superhero’s in tights, encouraged your man to wear tights, or be more open about wearing tights? Perhaps when he was 12. Thankfully not now.
– He likes to think he’s superman and likes to wear them in the bedroom!
12. Give us your opinion on men in tights…



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