Thermovision is key to bra manufacturing: study

Polish lingerie manufacturer Corin says it has created the “perfect” bra cup model after teaming up the Lodz University of Technology and a leading breast disease specialist.

Engineers from the university, together with Professor Marek Zadrozny, head of the Clinic of Breast Diseases and oncology surgery at the Polish Mother Memorial Hospital Research Institute, created the model based on data from 3D simulations of women’s breasts.

The researchers carried out a thermographic study to visualize interactions between the surface of a bra and a woman’s body.

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“From our experiments we have clear evidence that wearing tight bras cause large temperature differences within the skin of the breast,” said Zadrozny.

Corin intends to use these results as a guideline for its future manufacturing processes.

“Naturally it all depends on the type of breast, breast size on the shape of the breast, as well as the women’s body fat. It is important to know the technology of making suitable bras and thermographic studies appear to be very useful research. These tell us whether the product has been manufactured correctly and whether it is adequate for the appropriate type of female breast,” Zadrozny added.

Wearing a bra that is too tight can cause pressure, which may lead to dangerous health problems, like lymphatic drainage disorders, edema and or swollen lymph nodes, according to Corin.




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