Theo Paphitis opens flagship Boux Avenue store

Theo Paphitis launched his new, flagship Boux Avenue store in Westfield London today.

The store is Boux Avenue’s 11th outlet in the UK and it has been designed to wow, with a massive shop front and an impressive press lounge featuring an onsite bar.

The official opening took place at 12pm and was be attended by Theo Paphitis and a ‘special’ celebrity guest.

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Paphitis hosted an event for press, this morning, at the new outlet. The quirky chief executive proved his perfectionist tendencies as he perused the store.

As he prepared for a fresh round of interviews, he told Lingerie Insight: “The doors aren’t quite right. Have you seen the doors? We have got new ones ordered, but they aren’t ready yet… So, yeh, they need to be replaced.”

The Dragon’s Den panellist is a big fan of shopping malls. Last month, he told Lingerie Insight in an exclusive interview that he considered centres like Westfield to be the future of retail.

He said: “It’s such a great location. We can do press events in our own store; it’s a very exciting development for us. If people are going to know who we are, we have to be in these places.

“I am a massive, massive fan of the shopping malls. I love shopping malls… 25 to 30 stores will give you a huge swathe of the population… Historically, we used to need 200 stores to have a cross representation across the UK. Now, you’ve got 25 to 30 power centres where you need to be. The rest of it you’ll do online. You don’t need those other 170 stores in high streets anymore.”

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