The Queen tops JD Williams' 50-plus style poll

Her Majesty the Queen has been voted leader of the 50+ fashion pack in a poll conducted by online retailer JD Williams.

In the year that saw 50 year-old Monica Bellucci become the oldest-ever Bond girl, JD Williams has continued the celebration of older women by conducting the first ever 50+ style icon survey.

The Queen received 49% of the vote in the You Gov report, ahead of Dame Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep.

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Madonna, worshipped for her controversial style in the 80s, was bottom of the poll with only 3% of the vote.

Ed Watson, spokesperson for JD Williams commented, “Our customers admire and relate to the real 50+ woman, the Queen and Dame Helen Mirren are perfect examples of how to age gracefully and avoid the dreaded ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ look.

"We’ve always championed he 50+ female and it’s great that women are starting to look to their elders for style inspiration, rather than feeling like their only option is to try to emulate a woman in her 20s.”

Top 10 names in the poll are as follows:

1. The Queen
2. Dame Helen Mirren
3. Meryl Streep
4. Mary Berry
5. Michelle Obama
6. Lorraine Kelly
7. Karen Brady
8. Joan Collins
9. Jerry Hall
10. Kris Kardashian

The YouGov report concludes that half of women aged 50+ say they dress for themselves rather than to impress others.



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