Tablet computers helping retail sales

Tablet computers are pushing e-commerce profits higher, according to a new survey compiled by Google and the British Retail Consortium.

Consumers use tablet computers to search for goods online twice as much as they did in 2012, fuelling a 132 percent increase in retail web searches across the second quarter. The same searches on cell phones jumped by 66 percent, raising the total number of internet shopping searches by 15 percent, resulting in a significant increase in revenues.

The freedom provided by tablet computers, which allow users to shop online anytime and anywhere, is believed responsible for the figures.

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Helen Dickinson, director general of the BRC, stated: "These results also show the changes the internet is bringing to the international retail market. The considerable increase this month in the number of UK consumers searching overseas retailers show that barriers are increasingly being broken down. UK retailers are already responding well to these changes and will be keen to continue seeing equivalent increases in overseas customers searching them out."





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