Swimwear designer Lisa Marie Fernandez files lawsuit against Emily Ratajkowski

Lisa Marie Fernandez suits (left) and Inamorata Swim suits worn by Emily Ratajkowski (right)

American actress and model Emily Ratajkowski has been accused of copying swimwear lines by New York designer Lisa Marie Fernandez in her debut launch.

Fernandez has released an official announcement claiming that Ratajkowski’s ‘Cardiff’ one-piece and ‘Vulcun’ top, which were released earlier this month, copied her namesake label’s ‘Poppy’ and ‘Leandra’ swim styles.

As a result, she has called for an immediate cease and desist and filed a lawsuit against Ratajkowski’s brand, Inamorata Swim, in a federal court in New York, reports Business of Fashion.

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But while there are very few copyright protection laws in the US, Inamorata also ships internationally rendering Fernandez able to invoke “two European Union Community Design Registration certificates that she registered in May 2015”.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Fernandez is currently posting photos of press that have covered her situation with Ratajkowski and Inamorata Swim.


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  1. Damaris Evans said:

    As the creator of the peep bottom bow knicker, launched in 2001, I am in support of protecting our design rights. It is widely known that I and my company has settled out of court with over 15 high street global brands such as Top Shop and Myla, (some of which I am not aloud to mention for legal reasons). It has been estimated that if I was paid £1 for each knicker that infringed my design rights it would be in the tens of millions of pounds. My aim always has been to protect my brand and the team that works for Mimi Holliday and Damaris with the aim to settle out of court and if financial settlements were offered, it was agreed to be given to charity. There really should be more protection or designers to encourage them to create and invent exciting new creations otherwise one might just give up, and become a banker!


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