A Swiss beachwear brand has been condemned by Christian organisations in the country for celebrating its 38th anniversary by saying it has outlived Jesus Christ.

The company, named Ta-bou, has posted adverts across Switzerland featuring a model wearing a bikini and posing next to a crucifix.

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According to the Bible, Jesus lived for 33 years before being executed on the cross.

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The adverts also boasted about having lasted longer than Alexander the Great, who died aged 32, reports the Daily Mail.

Swiss Evangelical Alliance spokesman Thomas Hanimann told the newspaper: “Quite aside from the fact that this advert is meant to offend religious feeling, it is a load of nonsense.

“It is a shame that the company and the marketing experts responsible for it did not want to go more deeply into the question of belief which it seems for them was a taboo.”

Simon Spengler, who is in charge of communication and culture at the Catholic Church in Zürich, added: “Jesus actually died for everybody, including this attractive young lady.

“1.2billion people worldwide believe in his name. Ta-bou therefore have a bit of catching up to do. I don’t really believe that they are going to achieve that.”

Reacting to the comments, the boss of the family-owned business Gianna De Nicola said: “We want to fight for ethics in textile production and that is what counts.”