SURVEY: Women’s underwear drawers worth £836

Research commissioned by Debenhams has revealed that the average woman’s knicker drawer holds a massive £836 worth of lingerie, with men owning just £274 worth.

The survey showed that women own an average of 42 pairs of knickers – 31 of which are ‘special’ knickers versus 11 pairs of ‘everyday’ ones – while men have only three pairs of ‘posh pants’ and 10 casual pairs.

The most popular styles cited by women include French knickers, thongs and pants lacy knickers, with a black lacy designer thong topping the luxury list.

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According to a customer survey, women are investing more and more in designer pants each year, spending up to £450 a year. The survey showed that women are buying designer knickers in bulk every few months, with the average designer knicker costing around £15.

Lingerie Designer at Debenhams Aliza Reger said: “As well as making you feel dressed to impress in the boudoir, wearing a set of designer lingerie can make you feel more confident in your everyday life. They can be your secret weapon for a job interview and are an absolute must for a date night.”

Surprisingly, while men’s top ‘pant priority’ is to look good, women’s is to feel good, said the Debenhams release. When asked, 92% of women said they feel sexier and more confident when wearing a matching set of lingerie with a designer tag.

Seventy-six per cent of men asked said they feel more secure with the ladies when they are wearing a decent pair of fitted trunks, such as Calvin Kleins, and will always wear them on a first date and to the office Christmas party.

Sharon Webb, head of Debenhams Lingerie Buying and Design, said: “Gone are the boy band days of showing your designer boxer shorts above your jeans; it’s now women who have designer labels bursting out of their drawers.”

She continued: “Last year our sales suggested that men were saying pants to flowers and instead giving their girlfriends sexy designer knickers for Valentine’s Day. Men are more confident now about buying their partner sexy lingerie as a nice gift. It’s not as romantic on the other hand if women buy men a pack of boxer shorts.”

As a Valentine’s Day promotion, Debenhams will offer 15% off of all designer lingerie both in store and online until February 14.



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