Survey reveals maternity bra-buying habits of mums

A new survey by maternity and nursing lingerie specialist Bravado Designs has revealed the bra-buying habits of pregnant women and new mums.

The study found that less than 3% of the 300 women surveyed feel that appearance is the most important characteristic of a bra.

The majority of respondents voted for either comfort or support as their most important feature.

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An underwire is also important to pregnant and breastfeeding mums – 64% said they would feel unsupported and uncomfortable if their bra was nonwired.

But, after hearing from Bravado that underwires can put pressure on milk ducts, which grow and develop during pregnancy, 89% of respondents said they would think twice about wearing an underwired bra.

Underwires and ill-fitting bras can put pressure on milk ducts which grow and develop during pregnancy, which is exactly why Bravado recommends wearing a non-wired bra until breastfeeding has been fully established. In fact, 89% of participants said that knowing this definitely made them think twice about wearing an underwired bra.

Penny Clayton, director of European Operations commented on the results of the study. “During pregnancy and breastfeeding, body shape does change and I think it’s really important that lingerie brands recognise that,” she said.

“Support and comfort do have to come first when it comes to maternity and nursing lingerie, but of course that doesn’t mean it can’t look good too.”




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