STRIDE Everyday introduces product for new mums

US brand STRIDE Everyday has introduced a product to the market which protects new mums and pregnant women from the effects of light incontinence.

STRIDE Everyday was founded by working mother and entrepreneur Wendy Spencer, who herself admitted to experiencing light leaks and wanted to develop a panty that allowed her to keep dry and comfortable without compromising her desire to wear fashionable lingerie.

The underwear collection uses patented absorbency technology built into the panty’s liner to offer discreet protection against leaks. Three-layer technology ‘wicks away and locks in moisture’, deodorizes and then provides a leakproof and breathable layer that prevents leaks from staining onto clothing. The brand claims that the panty will hold up to one ounce of moisture and are machine washable.

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Spencer said: "I wish STRIDE Everyday had been around when I was pregnant with my son. No matter how many Kegel exercises I did, I could have used the extra protection. When I was expecting, my issues were more pronounced, and I would have loved a solution that was non-disposable and provided comfort and confidence for everyday living."

She added: "I draw my inspiration from the huge amount of positive feedback I get from women all over North America. Pregnant women and new moms are very susceptible to light stress incontinence, whether it’s an expectant mother looking for a cost-effective solution that helps her feel like a woman again, or an active new mom looking for comfortable protection while she’s trying to keep up with the kids, STRIDE Everyday offers a range of solutions for all kinds of women. They can also help reduce the billions of disposable pads and panti-liners sent to landfill every year.”

STRIDE Everyday is FDA registered and seeks to be environmentally responsible. The brand also claims that it can save women more than $125 per year, compared to daily disposable panti-liner usage. The complete line incorporates five options: the French Cut Brief, Seamless, Lacy Thong, Mid Rise Brief and Sport Bikini. Sizes range from XS to 2XL. For more information, visit the STRIDE Everyday website:



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