Stretchline collaborates with DMU students

By Laura Higgins

Students studying the Contour Fashion course at De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester have been recognised for their creative designs by fabric manufacturer, Stretchline.

Over 100 students entered a technical design competition which challenged them to invent new end-uses for Stay4Sure and Fortitube, which are among the range of brands in Stretchline’s portfolio of narrow fabric technologies.

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Two students – Stephanie Raeburn for Stay4Sure and Emma Iveson for Fortitube – were chosen as the winners, with four others named runners up.

Gillian Proctor, programme leader of DMU’s Contour Fashion course and recipient of the lifetime achievement award at the 2013 UK Lingerie Awards said: “Innovation is the key to the future of this industry and the mainstay of this course for the next generation of designers and technicians.”

The students carried out technical, fashion and market research to produce unique developments, which pushed the boundaries within intimate wear.

Innovations from the students included medical applications, such as belts and joint support; as well as corsetry, adaptable teen bras and sports bras to suit changing body types and activity levels.

Submissions were judged by a panel from Stretchline’s global sales and innovative teams. The students with the winning designs were Stephanie Raeburn for Stay4Sure and Emma Iveson for Fortitube.

Timothy Speldewinde, managing director of Stretchline said: “This competition was yet another milestone in Stretchline’s longstanding association with DMU, which is a fitting partnership between the world’s leading narrow fabric manufacturer and the home of the best technical lingerie design course in the world. Collaborating on such open innovation initiatives enables us to meet ever changing customer needs in a much more targeted and timely fashion.”




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