Star Trek scribe apologies over undies scene

The writer of Star Trek: Into Darkness, Damon Lindelof, has publicly apologized for a “gratuitous” scene featuring British actress Alice Eve in her underwear.

The scene in question, which features Eve’s character Carol Marcus removing her clothes to put on a special suit for disarming torpedoes, was first called into question over Twitter.

Lindelof was quoted in The Guardian as saying: "We should have done a better job of not being gratuitous in our representation of a barely clothed actress… We also had Kirk shirtless in underpants in both movies, (but I) do not want to make light of something that some construe as misogynistic.”

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Some Twitter users stated the scenes of a topless Kirk were necessary to the story, whilst those featuring Eve were not. However, Lindelof has said he’ll be “more mindful in the future.”



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