Speedo sues ‘fetish’ blogger

Speedo has started legal proceedings to block the website of Australian blogger Dave Evans, a man with a self confessed ‘speedo fetish.’

The 24 year old’s websites, which include aussiespeedoguy and swimmerboyz.com, depict images of men posing suggestively in – and out – of the tiny trunks..

Speedo has claimed that the ‘nudity and graphic sexual content’ on the site is offensive and that the regular use of the ‘Speedo’ brand name represents a breach of copyright.

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It has asked the court in Canberra, Australia, to restrict access to domain names using the term Speedo and has also requested an unspecified amount in damages.

Speedo asserted that its brand, which has ‘been worn a majority of medal winning and record breaking athletes,’ is being underminded by Evans and that his website is threatening the ‘substantial and valuable reputation and goodwill associated with the name and trademark SPEEDO.’

Evans has been unapologetic about his passion for the swimwear. On one of his sites, titled ‘blog of the sexual adventures of a bisexual guy’, he wrote: “I have a huge speedo fetish and speedos have played a huge role in my sexual experiences."

In his personal introduction, he also states: “I started writing this blog back in May 2005. After having a steamroom speedo threesome I wanted to share it with someone but…. I couldn’t, so I created this blog to share these kind of experiences. I hope you enjoy all the photos and stories. Dave xoxo”

In a recent post, Evans defended his use of the word ‘speedo’, claiming it had become a generic term. He also wrote that he would not be contesting the lawsuit in court, due to a lack of funds.

Swimmerboyz.com reportedly receives 10,000 website hits a week.



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