Something Wicked makes trade comeback at Dessous London

British luxury lingerie brand Something Wicked has returned to wholesale after undergoing a major revamp under new management.

The label showcased the results of a major restructure to premium lingerie buyers at Dessous London, a new intimate apparel exhibition, last week.

Something Wicked was founded by Aaron and Louise Seager and designer Leanne Brooke in 2013, but has had a recent change in management structure and new investment.

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It now has two primary shareholders – managing partner Steff McGrath and Leeds-based marketing agency, Home Marketing.

The new management team has since streamlined the production side of the business, hiring two full-time seamstresses and fine-tuning the quality of its garments. Something Wicked is currently recruiting more seamstresses in order to ramp up production.

Something Wicked continues to manufacture at its studio in Leeds and has extended its made-in-the-UK ethos to all areas of the business.

“We are proud to be a British brand, and keeping the manufacturing in the UK was really important for us,” McGrath told Lingerie Insight.

“It’s what sets us apart and ensures the quality and exclusiveness you would expect from a luxury brand. Everything is handmade from start to finish in our studio in Leeds, using the most luxurious materials such as Japanese plonge leather and French Chantilly lace. All our luxury leather accessories are handmade in the UK by a female saddler using high quality saddlery leather,” she continues.

“Our stockings have been sourced from one of the last remaining hosiery manufacturers in the UK and our exclusive leather polish is handmade by an award winning bee keeper from London. Even our luxury packaging boxes are hand-foiled in the UK.”

The return to wholesale comes nine months after Something Wicked launched a new e-commerce website with fully shop-able videos.



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