Software firm vows to shake up retail sales

A company which purports to be the UK’s ‘first social shopping ecommerce platform’ is vowing to transform the fortunes of retailers across the country with the launch of a fully integrated social sharing marketing suite.

London-based Gloople, which has developed technology that drives traffic to online stores by creating direct connections between consumers through social networks, claims it will revolutionise the way small and medium-sized businesses sell online.

The company says its software is easy to use and cost-effective, with a support suite of marketing and commerce tools that includes comprehensive CMS, built-in SEO, Facebook and Twitter integration and on-the-go mobile shopping.

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With increasing numbers of people basing their buying decisions on recommendations from peers, Gloople says its offering gives SMEs complete control over the ecommerce platform and social commerce tools.

Its platform is designed to ensure consumers benefit from exclusive discounts, sales and GroupBuy opportunities from the comfort and security of their social media accounts, allowing retailers to build relationships, create advocates and generate word of mouth on a previously unimaginable scale.

"We’ll look back on 2011 as the year of social shopping and social commerce; when we recognised that social media could, and should, play a key role in consumer choice,” said Warren Knight, founder of Gloople.

“Over 30 million people in the UK connect and share through Facebook. Social shopping – where every purchase is liked, shared and recommended to thousands of other consumers – is the logical next step in the social media phenomenon, and Gloople is at the forefront of that evolution,” he added.

Cheeky Beach, specialists in luxury swimwear for curvy women, used the Gloople platform to launch their fully integrated Facebook store in early 2011 and saw sales increase by 18 percent in less than 3 months.

"Gloople is easily the best business decision I ever made, after of course!" said Andrea Littlefair, creator of "We have an army of customers and advocates generating new customers and new sales every day by sharing our latest collection and tweeting their recent purchases to all their friends and followers. Our brand is just as visible as the biggest retailer, but we didn’t need the same resources – Gloople is excellent value for money."





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