Social shopping site bids to shake up the market

A social shopping site that launched this week claims to be the first in the UK to recommend products based on the reviews of friends, family and colleagues.

Showpow — which is badging itself as “the Facebook of online shopping” is a new type of shopping search engine that aggregates thousands of retailers and millions of products across all areas of consumer goods, including home and gift products.

As well as allowing users to compare goods by criteria such as price, retailer, service and delivery, it also integrates various social functions so shoppers can find all the information they need to make the right decisions when buying online.

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The site analyses a user’s likes and interests and personalises the shopping results to enhance their experience and serve up more relevant results. Users can assign a ‘Shopow Strike’ to share product bargains or tips with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and the Shopow network.

Shopow displays reviews, Q&A and Strikes that have already been collected around a product, so users can gauge an opinion generated by other shoppers.

Unlike some price comparison sites, which form the crux of its competition, Shopow claims to “steer clear of commercial bias” to stay wholly independent and trustworthy.

Mike Harty, co-founder and COO of Shopow, says the site isn’t skewed by sponsored search results, so the products at the top of the list really are the best in terms of price, service or any other attribute selected.

“It’s completely driven by the users and the reviews are trustworthy, particularly because you can see the opinions of your own friends. It allows you to buy in confidence at a price you can afford,” he says.



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