Lingerie producers take their creative inspiration from all sorts of places, but one Japanese brand may have just achieved a new first after designing a range based on popular children’s fairytales.

Felissimo, a major lingerie supplier with an international presence as well as Japanese operations, has released a series of bra and panties sets that pay homage to some of the most famous books for kids.

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The sets are based on Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Little Mermaid, with the company claiming that “every woman has a secret wish for transforming to heroine”.

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As well as those three lines, it has also produced a ‘Cleopatra’ set and a series of ‘cute cat’ sets inspired by the feline world.

Japan has history when it comes to Disney-inspired lingerie. Two years ago we reported on a Japanese online boutique that was selling a limited-edition range of lingerie sets based on Disney princesses.

The full Felissimo collection can be viewed on its website HERE.