Slenderella partners with African charities

Derbyshire-based lingerie and nightwear maker Slenderella is preparing to donate cotton garments to vulnerable women and children in Africa.

The brand is working in partnership with the Women of the World Charity and the Derbyshire Women’s Institute to dispatch hundreds of items to conflict-hit countries on the continent.

The Women of the World charity aims to provide comfort and support for anyone affected by war, disease or famine in Africa.

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Slenderella said in a statement: “Upon hearing about the charity the Slenderella team were deeply moved at the desperate situation of the people in the concerned areas. Many refugees are leaving their homes with only the clothes they are wearing.”

Should you like to hear more about the Women of the World charity or if any other textile companies wish to donate to the cause please contact Gary Spendlove at Slenderella on 01773 822340.



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