Sindies fuel boom in Bluebella sales

British lingerie brand Bluebella said it is experiencing “booming sales” from a group of Single Income Now Divorced women, or Sindies.

The label, which designs provocative lingerie, has recorded a 45% surge in sales among the newly single group aged between 34 and 50.

Sales of sexy basques are up 28% amongst “Sindies” and stockings and suspenders are up for 32%, the brand said.

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And the most popular lingerie line amongst this group is the bondage – themed Eden – with sales up 17%.

Bluebella founder Emily Bendell said the market for erotic lingerie is changing fast.

“We have been delighted to watch the emergence of the SINDIES for some time at Bluebella. These are women who know what they want and they are embracing their sensual lives with confidence and style. Their particular pleasure with us is provocative lingerie which might have only been sold to women in their 20s a decade or so ago,” she said.

“Women of all ages read Fifty Shades of Grey and the book’s influence has contributed to women feeling far more empowered and experimental than ever before, The book has proved more than a light entertainment –- it has prompted real life-style change and the result is an exciting new generation of SINDIES who are determined to enjoy themselves."




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