Simply Be hires larger staff in empathetic shops

Fuller figure fashion retailer Simply Be is planning to employ staff who are size 14 and above in order to create a more empathetic environment for its customers.

The company does not stock items below a size 14.

The fashion multiple, which is owned by N Brown, stocks a range of plus-size lingerie and shapewear brands including Berlei, Best Form and Curvy Kate.

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Among its best sellers is its own brand of super-sized bras that it markets as largest underwired strapless bra in the world. The K-cup bra is experiencing rocketing sales world-wide. To date, the bra has generated revenue of over £100,000, according to reports.

Next year, the company will cater to even larger women with an L-cup bra launch.

N Brown chief executive Alan White explained to Retail Week that its in-store tactics are designed to put fuller-figure customers at ease. “Large customers tend to be less confident in their dress style, so we staff our stores empathetically. Assistants are also able to share advice on what suits them.”

“Our uniform requirement is for staff to wear our brands, and our ranges start at size 14, so in some ways the two things go hand in hand.”




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