Silhouette appears Jubilant in front of the Queen

Underwear from lingerie label Silhouette made an appearance in front of the Queen during a recent Shropshire Diamond Jubilee Pageant, held at RAF Cosford.

A series of local businesses and 5000 kids formed the parade, in which the Silhouette underwear was showcased,

The wore full length black body stockings with girdles over the top, as no flesh was allowed to be shown in the Queen’s presence.

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The brand was invited to join the parade following its involvement in play ‘Silhouette’ by Chris Eldon Lee, performed at the Shrewsbury theatre.

Eldon Lee said: “You would have loved it at Cosford. The Youtube clip didn’t do the Silhouette girls justice. When they got to the Queen they’d rehearsed a group pose based on the 60s adverts. Her Majesty smiled broadly (and Prince Philip asked for phone numbers), and I’m sure I saw the Queen adjusting her waist band.

“Meanwhile, I gave a full explanation about the story of Silhouette on the PA system to 40 thousand people. And, because the pageant as a whole was rainbow coloured, the black and white Silhouette element stood out brilliant. So, it all worked like clockwork and it was well worth the effort.”





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