Silent Assembly to cease trading in Europe but Curvessence technology continues

Australian lingerie brand Silent Assembly, best known for developing Curvessence 3D bra technology, has announced that it will cease trading in the European market.

The news follows the sad passing of the brand’s European partner, director and lead investor, Mr Chris Fishwick, last year.

In a letter to the industry, CEO Kay Cohen said: “As a consequence of his passing and complexities with his estate, we have had to consolidate resources and decided to cease pursuing Silent Assembly’s development in Europe.”

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Cohen commended on the strength of Silent Assembly’s UK team, led by Dominic James, which she said ran successfully despite diminished resources beyond the range of many other regions where the brand is distributed.

She wrote: “It is with sadness that we announce the cessation of brand operations, given the great results achieved in such a short period of time. We thank our UK team and partners and look forward to sharing the Curvessence technology and the Silent Assembly brand with the market in the future.”

The group is now working with a new global brand partner on the launch of Curvessence technology within its brands portfolio.

Curvessence is a 3D bra component that replaces underwires. It relies on nylon polymers which have a “memory” for the exact shape of a wearer’s torso.

Even if shaped by the wearer’s movement, the polymers revert to their remembered shape.



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