Silent Assembly develops largest offering yet

Australian lingerie brand Silent Assembly, best known for developing Curvessence 3D bra technology, replacing underwires, said it has developed it largest offering yet for SS16.

This season, the label has added to the traditional skin and black colour palette to include navy, rosewater pink and cappuccino.

A highlight of the collection is Kira, a whole new lifestyle range in cotton.

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“Kira pays homage to women’s enduring love of cotton. The Kira collection is a series of new cotton classics designed to meet the lifestyle demands of modern women,” said designer and founder Kay Cohen.

Silent Assembly launched eight months ago and is already stocked in over 50 outlets in 10 markets.

It specialises in bra technology called Curvessence – a 3D bra component that relies on nylon polymers which have a “memory” for the exact shape of a wearer’s torso.

Even if shaped by the wearer’s movement, the polymers revert to their remembered shape.

Silent Assembly will exhibit at the Lingerie Edit next month. 



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