Shoplifters snatch £800m from British retailers every year

British retailers are losing almost one billion pounds worth of stock annually to light-fingered thieves, with greater London being one of the most targeted areas according to new data. 

Between April 2016 and March 2017 there were 366,512 national shoplifting offences, which costs the retail sector £800m worth of stock annually, many of which targeted independent retailers, finds retail security firm Checkpoints Systems.

Research revealed that the Metropolitan Police had the highest number of shoplifting offences at an astounding 47,580, the equivalent of 130 incidents a day.

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While Metropolitan Police racked up the highest figures, West Midlands Police, which had 19,741 reported offences, was the second highest region. In third, was Greater Manchester Police, with 18,002 shoplifting offenses.

Cas Paton, managing director of OnBuy, commented: “Considering the amount of time and energy shops put into running various aspects of their operation daily, shoplifting is really an unfortunate occurrence for them. Whilst it may feel unavoidable, shops can certainly take various steps to prevent shoplifters from targeting them. Simple steps such as better staff training to identify potential shoplifters and storing high value items more securely can go a long way when dealing with the problem of shoplifters.”

OnBuy has advised shop owners to take diligent inventory, train employee,s raise awareness, improve vantage points and increase signage to stamp out shoplifting.



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