Shirley of Hollywood signs UK distributor

Alterego has become the UK distributor for boudoir brand Shirley of Hollywood.

The agency said it “talent spotted” the label and was impressed by its “operation, ethics and award winning customer service".

Alterego CEO Diane Gordon-Freeman explained: “When we were approached by Shirley of Hollywood we were flattered, as they have always stood out in the crowd to us as an International brand that has really strong innovative designs, and an exceptional standard of manufacture."

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“Having looked at the company in further detail, we have been delighted to find that they share the same visions as us and our European partners, in value for money, and a commitment to quality and service. They are complementary to our existing product portfolio, and after speaking to many of our customers, they are delighted that we are bringing Shirley of Hollywood on board."

Shirley of Hollywood said it anticipates that Alterego will bring “fresh excitement and professionalism to the merchandising of its collections in the UK and Ireland".



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