Sexaccessories brand targets lingerie buyers

A new sex toy brand is seeking lingerie buyers to stock its romantic Loveboxes.

The Ooh! Collection designs bespoke boxes containing rose petals, massage oil, a black satin blindfold and games.

Speaking to Lingerie Insight, brand owner Debra Goodman said the Lovebox is an ideal product for a lingerie retailer because “it’s not explicitly selling sex aids”.

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“I wanted to package it as something romantic, like buying beautiful or sexy lingerie, created to titillate, tease and inspire a sensual, romantic experience," she said.

“It’s a natural fit for the lingerie sector, it’s a great product to have in store, great impulse buys, Xmas, Valentines, bridal shower gifts, wonderful birthday, anniversaries, and of course the perfect stocking filler.

“It is a non-threatening product for men to buy in a lingerie store. It is also a potentially fantastic promotional product or prize and can be white labelled or we can create exclusive products.”



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