SEO consultant urges retailers to get blogging

Blogging should be at the core of any social media and marketing campaign, according to SEO consultant Jonny Ross.

Speaking at Moda yesterday, he explained to lingerie and swimwear retailers that blogs force creativity, add value to websites, provide content for social media and email marketing campaigns, and help increase a site’s position in Google.

Ross suggested that retailers should write a minimum of one blog a week, enabling them to put four weeks’ of content into a monthly email campaign.

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“Instead of putting out a campaign that says ‘come and buy from us’ – something that everyone does and doesn’t work – put some really good, relevant information in there for your target audience that would be interesting to read,” said Ross, adding that blogging should be about engaging and not selling.

Explaining how retailers can come up with content for their blogs, Ross said that they should subscribe to industry-related news, keep notes of questions their customers ask them and invite guest blogs from customers.

“Tell a story. A good blog has got a clear beginning to introduce you topic and grab the reader’s attention, a meaty middle that could be tips or a description of a problem, and an end – how the problem is solved and what to do next,” added Ross.

“More importantly, you need to have a call to action at the end. There’s no point in asking people to do something and you’d be surprised at the response. That call to action doesn’t have to be ‘come and buy from us’, it could be ‘like us on Facebook’ or ‘please comment below’.”

Ross also highlighted the importance of making blogs look good by using subheadings and pictures.




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