Secret Sales sponsors Friends on Comedy Central

Flash sales website has announced that it will sponsor American sitcom, Friends, on Comedy Central.

The retailer hopes the sponsorship, which will run until April 28, will help drive growth, as more consumers shop whilst watching television.

The tie up guarantees a strong airtime presence, with penetrative cut through to its target audience of affluent youths, the company said.

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Advertisement chief marketing officer Robert Moss commented: “As we have continuously refined our optimal media and acquisition strategy, TV continues to be key for secretsales. Over the last 18 months we have been able to reduce our cost per buyer by over 50% whilst still growing our base by over 1 million registrations.”

“Comedy Central and Friends is one element of this and as more of our core customers dual screen and evolve their browsing habits we are confident it will maintain our growth rate in an efficient manner,” he added.

Friends’ viewership figures stand at 3 million 16 to 34 year olds a month, and it is the number two best performing show on all digital channels, second only to fellow US comedy show, The Big Bang Theory.




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