Second Skin explores erotic art of lingerie

A new book, titled Second Skin, which explores the erotic art of lingerie, has been published and distributed worldwide by DAAB MEDIA GMBH.

The brainchild of Ralf Daab and edited by Patrice Farameh, the publication features a series of well known luxury brands, including the likes of Lascivious, Nichole de Carle, I. D. Sarrieri, La Perla, Damaris, Valisere, Fred & Ginger, Eternal Spirits, Velda Lauder, Pleasure State, Andres Sarda and Kiki de Montparnasse.

Second Skin seeks to explores the essential elements needed to turn a ‘piece of fragile fabric’ into an erotic item.

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The book forward, written by Nicky Stringfellow, states: “Where does that alluring power come from, and how does a designer work that magic into each gorgeous "esh-wrapping piece of art? After looking at the work of hundreds of lingerie designers and picking the brains of those behind the brands, you would think the answer could be easily attained. But actually it is nearly an impossible endeavor. I’ve learned that lingerie is only as erotic on the outside as the woman feels on the inside. And the designers in the following pages — those I consider the best lingerie artists in the world — are incredibly skilled at creating that sense of desire from within.”



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