Scarlet undies dropped as the colour purple soars.

Racy red lingerie has finally been toppled as the favourite colour for men buying Christmas treats for their partners, according to department store giant Debenhams.

Sales of purple bras and knickers are up 54 percent his year, with a 50 year winning streak for scarlet undies finally ending.

“After being the automatic number one choice for the past five decades, red pants and bras have finally been replaced. Men are relying on purple underwear to work its magic this year,” revealed Debenhams spokesperson Michelle Dowdall.

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According to, purple is a associated with royalty and wealth; and also wisdom and spirituality. Perhaps shoppers are drawn to it at Christmas time as they look forward to a new year that will hopefully be more comfortable than the last.

Red is considered an intense, or even angry, colour that creates feelings of excitement or intensity.




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