Saudi prohibits men working in lingerie stores

Saudi Arabia’ King Abdullah has issued a decree limiting work in lingerie stores to Saudi women in a bid to reduce the high female unemployment rate – estimated at 30 percent – within the country, state media reported today.

Men have also been prohibited from working at certain industrial facilities, such as drug manufacture.

The issue of whether men should be allowed to work in lingerie stores has been an ongoing cause of contention within the country.

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Lingerie Insight reported in November 2010 on a Facbeook campaign run by Fatima Qaroob, called ‘Enough Embarrassment,’ which called for lingerie shops to be women-only premises.

Qaroob welcomed the Saudi governement’s decision, saying it would create around 6,000 jobs for women.

She said: "From now, embarrassment will end. We thank the king who felt our problem and took the decision that we have been waiting for a long time." 

The ministries of interior and labour reportedly have one month to implement the decision.



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