Saudi clerics protest lingerie saleswomen

Around 200 religious figures in Saudi Arabia have threatened the Labour Minister Adel Fakeih with "deadly prayers" if he fails to ban women from working in lingerie shops within a month, according to Al Arabiya.

Since 2011, the Labour Ministry has been replacing male sales staff with women in lingerie stores, providing work for women and preventing the embarrassment associated with veiled women buying lingerie from men.

However during a meeting at the Ministry on Tuesday, the clerics accused Mr Fakeih of "Westernisation" and demanded he ban women from working in lingerie shops within a month.

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One of the men at the meeting said: “I am warning you, do not ignite sedition; we only came here to provide advice; your ministry has thrown our daughters in places that don’t suit their values.”

Mr Fakeih said that women worked during the era of the Prophet Muhammad and added that it made more sense if women rather than men are in charge of selling women’s lingerie.



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