Sale of Vanity Fair lingerie brands under review

The sale of VFB Europe, the firm behind lingerie brands Bestform, LOU, Variance and Vanity Fair, is being considered by parent company Fruits of the Loom.

In an emailed statement to Lingerie Insight, Nicolas Torloting, managing director of Vanity Fair Brands Europe said: “We can confirm that there is a process under way to evaluate a potential sale of VFB Europe."

American company Fruits of the Loom, which acquired VFB in 2007, said it was unable to share reasons for the possible sale at this time.

However, VFB Europe is expected to report a 10% drop in sales to €57m for 2014, according to Spanish newsletter

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In the past two years, the Spanish company has removed three of its historic brands – Intima Cherry, Belcor and Gemma – from its portfolio.



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