Sainsbury’s says that renewed investment in its clothing and general merchandise business has led to a growth in lingerie sales.

The supermarket retailer cited lingerie as one of several clothing areas that has gained “sales and market share” over the past year, although it did not disclose specific numbers.

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Its Tu range has been particularly successful for the firm and it claims the clothing brand is now the UK’s sixth largest clothing retailer by volume and tenth largest by value.

“We have seen strong growth in our clothing and general merchandise businesses this year, both in stores and online as we continue to invest in our ranges to give our customers high street style at supermarket prices,” Sainsbury’s said.

Increasing its clothing range is a key component of the supermarket chain’s growth strategy, along with expanding its Tu online business and changing visual merchandising more frequently.

Sainsbury’s trades through 600 stores in the UK, with just under 500 of them stocking lingerie and other clothing items.

The company said that around a quarter of its stores will have some under-utilised space over the next five years, which it will use to extend its clothing and general merchandise offer to more sites, as well as widening the existing selection in stores that already sell non-food items.

Overall turnover at Sainsbury’s crept up 1% to £26 billion for the year to the end of March 2016, according to annual results published his week.