Russia’s lace lingerie ban sparks protests

Lingerie retailers in the Eurasian Union may have to throw away most of their stock when a trade ban on synthetic lace underwear is enforced.

The production, import and sale of synthetic lace panties will be banned from July 1 within the Customs Union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, reports

The ban applies to underwear that does not reach a 6% threshold for moisture absorption, but moisture absorption in many of the most popular synthetic material mixtures for lace panties is reportedly only 3 to 3.6%.

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Experts have said that means Russia’s lingerie outlets will have to bin 90% of their stock if the law is not amended, reported the Telegraph.

The upcoming regulations have sparked protests in Kazakhstan, where seven women have been detained by police for walking the streets with knickers on their heads.

Authorities say the ban is aimed at protecting consumers from cheap materials that could have a negative impact on their health.




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