Royce Lingerie launches ‘new-look’ brochure

Moda 2012 sees the launch of Royce Lingerie’s brand new style of brochure.

Completely different to all previous editions, the Royce Spring/Summer brochure is designed to look like a top-end magazine.

The new ‘magazine’ includes editorial features such as ‘Royce Voice,’ a section dedicated entirely to the latest industry news and stories from Royce HQ and Royce stockists.

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The catalogue seeks to take the reader on a journey through each range, starting with the latest wirefree fashion styles, such as ‘Darcey’ and the floral ‘Heather’.

It then moves on through Royce’s continuity range of versatile everyday bras, including long-standing favourites and best-sellers such as ‘Grace’ and ‘Jasmine’.

New additions to Royce’s nursing, teenage, post-surgery and Impact Free sports ranges have also been included, alongside articles and information relevant to that specific segment.



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