Revealed: Independent lingerie retailers’ greatest success stories of 2017

As we wave goodbye to 2017, Lingerie Insight asks some of the UK’s leading independent retailers to reveal what they would consider to be their greatest achievements over the last 12 months.

From thriving on a challenging high street to revamping their business model and transforming their shop floor, here we’ve rounded-up some of the top lingerie retailer’s biggest success stories of 2017:


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Bustles Boutique
“Our greatest achievement, other than surviving the catastrophic fall in footfall the last three months, is the opening of our Lingerie Lounge. It’s a dedicated space for our pre- and post-surgery ladies where they can relax in a non-clinical environment, confident in our ability not only as bra fitters but industry trained prosthesis fitters, to satisfy their lingerie needs.

Working with MacMillan and our local NHS and private Spire hospitals, we have been able to create a unique environment that has been welcomed not only by our clientele but medical professionals who are able to recommend our service to their patients, reassured that they are in safe hands as they continue on their journey to a confident recovery.

We feel so privileged to play such an important, intimate and personal role in our ladies’ lives and the Lingerie Lounge enables us to fulfil our role in an environment that compliments the needs of the client and ours as a lingerie retailer.” – Founders, Allison Hawkins and Teresa Gibson


Coco de Mer
“Firstly, we designed an entirely new website and love the new look. Secondly, we started working with Pamela Anderson and are really proud of the three projects we’ve collaborated on – our empowering Valentine’s film, our cool Icons shoot and our playful co-branded Pamela Loves Coco de Mer lingerie collection.

Thirdly, we launched our diffusion range, Reign by Coco de Mer, which allows us to bring our own personal blend of fashion and playful femininity to a younger, mid-market customer.Finally, in May 2017, I completed a MBO of the business, which means that we now have new funds and the freedom to continue to push creative boundaries. – CEO, Lucy Litwack

Coco de Mer

See-Saw Lingerie
“My company’s greatest achievement of 2017 was a positive transition experience. At the end of 2016 there was a change of ownership of the company. It was a seamless transition due to the continued involvement and mentoring support of the former owner, the implementation of an effective customer communication campaign and a strong and supportive staff and supplier base.

To further drive the business forward, in the last 12-months, we have launched a suite of new marketing material, including a promotional flyer, regular e-newsletters, website and social media pages, and developed an internal and external events programme.” – Owner, Johanna Bolhoven

See Saw

Odyssey Boutique
“There have been many highlights this year – a complete re-model of the Odyssey business structure (having quit offering beauty treatments in February to concentrate entirely on what I love most –lingerie and swim retail); improving sales by 15% year on year; an award win or two; and working out how to do more of what I love in a way that feels exciting and enjoyable.

Making the decision to re-model wasn’t a tough one, but I knew it would put strain on the business financially. It was a catch-22 situation, but I’m so pleased I chose the route I did. Now concentrating solely on lingerie and swim, all of my energy is focussed on how to bring the best product edit to my clients. I’ve done so much work on my marketing approach and I am really pleased to be seeing results. It’s been a year of working behind the scenes and smoothing out my process – it feels like I’m just getting started and I really can’t wait to see how everything works out in the New Year.” – Owner, Sarah Connelly




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