Retailers fail to attract male shoppers: study

Lingerie retailers on the high street are failing to attract male shoppers as they attempt to withstand the impact of the online specialists, a new survey suggests.

Focusing on consumers who spend more than £100 a month on fashion and accessories, the study found that men, who represent 21% of lingerie shoppers, are 37% more likely to visit the digital high street than a shopping centre.

But key brands, including La Senza, Victoria Secret and Bravissimo, are missing an opportunity to reach out to men who find shopping “a bit of a chore”, according to the “Strawpoll”, carried out by Cream, a UK-based media agency for premium brands.

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Cream strategy director Shifra Cook commented: “StrawPoll gives us the first detailed look at the fashion sector’s biggest buyers. With their massive, regular investment in the latest looks and gear, these are the consumers that all fashion brands need to attract into their digital and physical outlets.

“Understanding how and where they shop and what influences those choices is critical to business success in this sector and the first wave of research should be a big wake up call for any brand that hasn’t sorted out its mobile retail offering.”

The Strawpoll, which was carried out on 850 consumers of fashion and jewellery, also found that brands have “some way to go” in delivering the on-the-go shopping experience provided by smartphones and tablets.

“Poor usability on mobile such as having to enter card details on a small type pad, for example, is one factor cited as a major deterrent from making a purchase on the go,” Cream said in a statement.

The panel of 850 consumers will provide on-going insight into their shopping behaviours to help Cream’s clients identify the opportunities that could boost their businesses.





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