Retailer posts breast cancer awareness blog

Mastectomy lingerie specialist Pink Ribbon Lingerie has listed ten things consumers can do to raise awareness around breast cancer.

In its latest blog post, the retailer reminds the public of the simple things they can do to during breast cancer awareness month and beyond, which could potentially save a life.

Scroll down for the list, which was put together by Pink Ribbon Lingerie founder Camille Johnson.

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1 Download free mobile app. The award winning app tells you how you go about checking your breasts and has handy reminder service.

2 Send a text to all you female friends telling them about

3 Do a self exam, YES check your breasts.

4 Talk to your daughters about the importance of being breast aware from an early age (late teens onwards) so that they learn what ‘their normal’ is and know how to spot a change.

5 Ask you female friends when was the last time they did a self exam. (October really is the best time of year to ask)

6 Share the common signs of breast cancer via your social media accounts.

7 Wear a pink ribbon on your top or on your coat and remind others to be breast aware.

8 Learn about your family history, does breast cancer run in your family? if so get in touch with The National Hereditary Help line for advice and support.

9 Check your partners breasts (male or female) YES men can get breast cancer too! (400 men are diagnosed each year in the UK)

10 Go to you appointment! In the UK when you’re over 50 you are invited every 3 years for a mammogram breast cancer screening, make sure you attend.





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