Retail discount to meet abrupt end, claims industry expert

With Black Friday sales the talk of the high street today, new research suggests that retail could have reached a turning point with discounting.

In 2017, 56% of all high street fashion has been discounted, compared to only 35% for the same period in 2016.

But while there has been a upward trend of 75% on last year, according to retail analytics business Mallzee Insights, this discounting trend could soon fizzle out.

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New figures have revealed that the first three weeks of November signify the first time this year when the volume of products on sale is less than in 2016, dropping from 51% to 37% in 2017.

Mallzee Insights, powered by multi-retailer fashion app Mallzee, believes that the discounting spiral may well be over, based on data from the 100,000 fashion items featured in the marketplace app, from over 150 high street retailers.

Retailers have been responding to cashflow challenges throughout 2017 by cutting prices on more products than in 2016, but the amount of discount on products has generally been lower than in 2016.



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