Renaissance erotica inspires new Coco de Mer collection

Coco de Mer has unveiled a new own-brand collection inspired Renaissance erotic imagery that was once considered sinful and is now celebrated as beautiful and luxurious.

Launching for AW17, the new collection, named The Secretum – Latin for secret – takes its lead from from I Modi, a famous erotic book of the Italian Renaissance in which a series of sexual positions were explicitly depicted in engravings.

The original edition was destroyed by the Catholic Church but, time and again, drawings of the engravings were reproduced, showing society’s interest in this kind of erotic depiction.

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The Secretum blurs the line between day and night – creating versatile pieces which can be worn as underwear or outerwear.

The colour palette consists of rich, jewel tones taken from glass windows and opulent jewellery, which sit against dark emeralds and deep navy, while softer tones come from religious stonework and architecture.

Key lines include Corine, featuring Codentel lace combined with poison orchid silk, peep holes and cut-outs; Messaline, a short slip adorned with Forster Rohner embroidery; and Nereide (pictured), made from blue all-over Jean Bracq lace with contrasting black silk.

Coco de Mer CEO Lucy Litwack said: “Following the idea of concealing erotica within a beautiful object, and the contrast between erotic sin and erotic beauty, we have drawn inspiration from erotic curiosities such as ornate trinket boxes and gem encrusted phallic jewellery.

“Shape and colour have been influenced by opulent religious architecture, such as grand cathedral spires, arches and stained glass windows.

“We focus on the intricate details within an object of curiosity, and use these to think about the finishings and style lines within each collection. The idea of opening something up to reveal a secret inside influences the designs,” Litwack explained.

“The overall mood is dark, erotic, opulent and luxurious. The customer will feel that they are able to decorate and adorn their body in the most sophisticated way, while Coco de Mer’s signature erotic tone will add drama to the look.”

Retail prices range from £60 for a g string to £495 for a lace robe.



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