Recyle bras for charity with Sweet Dreams

Buckingham lingerie store Sweet Dreams is encouraging its customers to recycle their bras in support of Middle Clayton autism charity Puzzle Centre.

Shop owner Karen Baines, who started the business with her mum Carol Tomes 24 years ago, was approached by fundraiser Jo Garside to install the ‘bra bank’ in her store.

The customers’ unwanted bras will be collected by a recycling company, who will weigh, sort, and pack it up to sell on very cheaply to parts of the world, such as Africa, where women’s underwear is in short supply

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The Puzzle Centre will receive £1 for every kilogram collected. The average black bin bagful will provide the charity with £6 to £10.

Baines told Buckingham today: “A lot of people are stocking up on new bras at the moment. It’s surprising how many customers find their size has changed, so their bra is no use to them. People having fittings are going off with their new bra on and putting the old one in the bank.

“While we’ve got our half-price sale on, it’s an ideal time to come and stock up.”

People may bring in any wearable used bra, wrapped in a plastic bag, to donate.

Baines added: “We’re not going to stand there and inspect them – they just put the bra in the bank. They mustn’t feel embarrassed.”



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