Recticel Body Foams react to shape and warmth

A new foam added to Recticel’s Body Foams range will react to the temperature of the human body and become more supple and elastic on contact, the company claims.

The patented Memocel foam brings unique memory properties to a bra, which are activated when the garment is worn.

“When brought in contact with the human skin, the material becomes softer and more elastic, allowing for increased freedom of movement,” explains Bert Van Langendonck, international sales manager for Recticel.

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Unlike regular foams, which retain their physical properties at different temperatures, the transformation that Memocel undergoes at body temperature turns it into a smooth, skinlike material. These features, combined with good air permeability, permit creating intimate apparel garments with the highest comfort level.

Memocel was first presented to the industry during Interfilière in Paris this month.




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