Rebecca Swimwear launches limited edition bikinis

Rebecca Swimwear have launched its limited edition AW13 collection which features hand-crafted Kalocsa embroidery.

The designs are taken from traditional, centuries old Hungarian folk art patterns, with the swimwear brand using authentic embroidery techniques which are hand-crafted on to the bikini’s in Kalocsa, Hungary.

Kalocsa-born Zsuzsa Halász creates the limited edition embroidery designs for Rebecca Swimwear, with each bikini taking up to 24 hours to complete. Varro explained: “She is the only one who makes this embroidery for the brand. She learned it from her mother, her mother from the grandmother, so this is the way this folk art remains through generations in its pure way.”

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Katalin Varro, from Rebecca Swimwear said: “This is the first time in our collection that the technique is represented, but we are already in discussion with Zsuzsa Halász to use other authentic techniques of this region.”




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