Reach List 2017: Top 5 Lingerie Brands

This Reach List takes into account lingerie wholesalers that also sell direct to the consumer through ecommerce.

Topping the list this year is Bluebella, an independent lingerie brand founded in 2005 with the aim of redefining sensuality by offering directional styles that can be worn as outerwear.

The label has always worked hard to engage with consumers, and over the last 12 months it has been even more active in reaching out to its new and loyal customers by promoting celebrity endorsements, user-generated content, competitions, new products and more.

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And the hard work has resulted in more than 90,000 likes on Facebook, 130,000 Instagram followers and nearly 7,000 fans on Twitter.

Bluebella has launched numerous digital marketing campaigns over the last 12 months, including its ‘Dare to Bare’ campaign, which saw the brand stage a catwalk show at Oxford Circus (pictured).

The British label recruited 19 fans of the brand for the catwalk show following an appeal on Instagram and later published a video and photoshoot from the event on Youtube and its blog page.

According to Alexa, Bluebella’s website attracts 41.9% of its traffic from the UK and 19.2% from the US, a growing market for the brand.

Bluebella will be launching its Christmas collection at Stylist Live next month, in a bid to attract social media-savvy customers.

The brand will be showing at the fashion festival in London from November 10-12 after its successful show last year.

Bluebella CEO, Emily Bendell, said: “Stylist Live really speaks for the ‘Instagram Generation’ which naturally gravitates to a brand like Bluebella. It was amazing to meet so many of customers at the event last year, which is why we are back this year. It is a great way to engage with our audience and get first-hand feedback on our collections.

“We design for style conscious women who are dedicated to fashion but not dictated by the latest trends, women who make their own style. Our collections embody the spirit, style and vitality of the Stylist Live event.”

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