Reach List 2017: Top 5 Fashion Retailers

H&M has beaten its rivals to the top of this Reach List category, which takes into account global fashion retailers that predominantly sell clothing, alongside a range of lingerie and swimwear.

The world’s second biggest fashion retailer – second only to Spain-based Inditex, the parent company of Zara – was ranked first for its strong digital footprint.

The majority of the visitors to its website,, come from the US (22.1%) and Germany (10.3%), closely followed by the UK (6.4%), giving it a UK reach ranking of 308, according to

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H&M’s UK Alexa ranking is lower than most of its competitors in this list, but its sky-high social media following meant it received the highest overall Reach ranking in the category for 2017.

Across all channels, H&M continues to upload a chatty stream of content, from style advice and competitions to promotional posts complete with GIFs and emojis.

Ecommerce is set to be a key focus for H&M going forward, with online sales expected to rise by a quarter this year.

The news follows a 20% fall in net profits in the third quarter, following a period of aggressive summer discounting.

H&M will be closing about 90 stores this year — although it will still open on a net basis roughly 385 — and is aiming to focus growth on new and emerging markets.

As far as underwear is concerned, H&M’s continues to promote its lingerie and swimwear collections and launched its first bridal lingerie range earlier this year.

The collection, which was made available on April 20, includes traditional white with a mix of baby blue and pink separates.

Taking the second position on the Reach List, ASOS has also grown online this year, with annual sales soaring 34% to £1.88bn in the 12 months to August 31.

The website attracted 135.7 million visits during August 2017 compared with 117.5 million in August last year.

By 31 August, Asos said it had 15.4 million active customers, with 5.2 million in the UK and 10.2 million elsewhere.

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