Q&A: TOWIE’s Jessica Wright

The Only Way is Essex’s Jessica Wright talks exclusively to Lingerie Insight about her new lingerie store, With Love Jessica, which launched in Loughton, last month.

Did you always wish to enter into lingerie retail and why have you chosen now to start the project?

Most girls love nice underwear and where I live in Essex there seemed to be a big gap in the market for a girly, gorgeous lingerie boutique, stocking fresh colours and sexy garments with a reasonable price point. I am the face of Alexis Smith underwear, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to build on that success with a local business and to stock all my favourite brands.

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To what degree – and in what ways – has your business idea been influenced by your experiences on TOWIE?

This business has come from me really. Even if I wasn’t on TOWIE, this would have been a great opportunity because of the gap in the local market, but being on the show has obviously given me and my shop great exposure for which I am really grateful.

How have you chosen the brands that you are stocking?

I’ve chosen every one of them myself. Alexis Smith is a no brainer as it is a brand close to my heart, especially because her bras are mostly designed with girls with surgically enhanced breasts in mind and there are quite of few of those in Essex! All of the other labels I chose because I believe the style and collection really suits my target customer market.

Having modelled for Alexis Smith, you obviously feel a connection to the world of lingerie. Why is this?

Feeling great about yourself when you are fully clothed starts with the underwear process. If your underwear looks great and is pulling you in and pushing you up where it should be, then the layers that go on after that makes the end result so much better, feeling great from the inside and the outside.

What has been the greatest challenge to date in setting up your own shop and what will your day-to-day role in the store be?

The whole process has been rather challenging! I possibly under-estimated all of the things that are involved with setting up a shop, like the window displays, PR and Marketing, planning and, basically, always thinking about the customer, and how to make them happy. Everyday, there is another challenge. I will work in the shop as much as I can, but I am incredibly fortunate that I have an amazing family that support me in everything I do and the shop being no exception. My mum works in the shop for me, my dad is always on hand for doing little handy man jobs and Nanny Pat has been great at helping me sort out the stock room! It’s a bit of a family affair!



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