Q&A: Simona Mussio & Olivia Von Halle

Nightwear designer Olivia Von Halle and Dolci Follie owner Simona Mussio talk to Kat Slowe about the brand’s launch today in the luxurious Notting Hill boutique.

Designer Olivia Von Halle

How did you meet Simona from Dolci Follie?

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We met at the Lingerie Collective show in January.

What does it mean to be stocked by the store?

It is hugely exciting for us to be stocked by Dolci Follie. They are a fantastic store with a great vision and I love working with them.

Taking over their window has caused a lot of interest on Facebook and Twitter, and I’m really looking forward to our launch party.

How has the brand progressed since it launched?

Things have been moving very quickly for us – we are working on two very exciting collaborations. One is with a very high end hotel group and the other is a menswear line with a high profile celebrity. I will tell you more as soon as I can!

Have you gained many new stockists and, if so, who?

Yes, we have been picked up by Harrods and Fenwick for SS12 and also have our first American stockist, Jane’s Vanity in Oregon.

They sold seven pairs of Olivia von Halle pyjamas in five days, last week, which was pretty exciting for us.

What has been your biggest triumph to date?

Being featured on DailyCandy.com had an incredible effect on the business.

What has been the greatest challenge?

Working alone – it is still just me and it is getting pretty busy….

What other plans do you have for the upcoming year?

Find a sales agent, a PR agency, a PA and learn to delegate!

Dolci Follie founder Simona Mussio

Why did you choose to stock Olivia Von Halle?

After meeting with Olivia in the flesh with her luxurious pj’s at Lingerie Collective we just clicked. We had also heard about Olivia through mutual friends.

As it turned out, we were looking for another style of pj’s in the boutique to give our customers a bit of variation as we only had Christies, which offer beautiful black and lace pyjama sets.

As we are so passionate about what we do, we wanted to help and nurture new talent like Olivia. She is so lovely to work with. It has been a real pleasure.

What is it about the brand that appealed to you?

We love the fact that they are men style pj’s with a twist, as the colours, with different prints, are really feminine. They are sophisticated and fall perfectly on the body. They are so beautiful you would want to wear them out. They represent Dolci Follie’s ‘how to relax in style’.

How do you think it fits in with your other brand offerings?

It fits perfectly in our luxurious multi-brand boutique, as it is an uber luxe lounging brand that reflects our vision and our aim to give our customers that special treat (they need and deserve) and the best of what it is out there.

Are there any other labels that you are looking to take on in the next few months and, if so, which ones?

Yes, we are thinking about bringing on Ikonostas to the boutique and we are constantly on the hunt for exclusive and glamorous pieces. We want to make Dolci Follie a destination where customers can find that special piece in the best environment, with the best service.

Why did you choose to hold an event to mark the launch of the brand in store?

As an independent boutique, we can organise these types of events/trunk shows. We love our designers, customers and local neighbours, so it is a good opportunity for them to meet, have a glass of prossecco and just have a good time.

Especially now with the cold weather, we would all rather stay at home in our pj’s, so it was great timing to do this with Olivia.There will be more events with other designers to come!

At Dolci Follie, we love to take it to the next level, and it is all about the (shopping) experience!

Dolci Follie
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