Q&A: Shan founder Chantal Levesque

Shan founder Chantal Levesque talk to Lingerie Insight about being chosen as Designer of the Year for the Mode City 2011 trade show and reveals her plans for the UK market.

How has being chosen as Mode City’s Designer of the Year impacted your vision for the future?

After 25 years, it is important to review everything and just think about why we do that and why we don’t do that, and to ensure the way we go is the best way. For me, it is important to do that. I don’t want to look back. I want to look forward.

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Have you any plans to manufacture outside of Canada?

I want to continue manufacturing everything in Montreal. I have my own factory with 125 people in Montreal and I love that, and I want to continue that.

Where are you currently stocked?

We now sell in 25 countries. In the UK, we sell in Harrods and we sell in Rigby & Peller. I love London!

Do you have any plans for expansion within the UK?

I think we will grow the UK market. Selfridges and Fenwick bought when we started, but the price is a little high. They stopped, but they have taken an appointment and maybe they will come back. In the economic crisis, they stopped carrying so many high end products, but I think they are now ready to re-buy and go with Shan again. The price points are between 175 Euros and 350 Euros. We are the same sizing, the same structure of body as in the UK, so I think it works well.



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