Q&A: Mary Portas

Mary Portas speaks about her collaboration with lingerie brand Playtex for her new store, Mary.

Why are you recommending Playtex?

Recently, I was fitted by a Playtex expert – and I realised why the brand is known for superior fit. The fit of the bra is superb and the shape it gives enabled me to wear any clothes I want. They’ve got over 50 years experience and they know how important women’s silhouettes are as a foundation to an outfit.

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Isn’t Playtex all about cross-your-heart bras and girdles?

I think it’s what Playtex used to be known for and I love that heritage and story. The reason that was so successful was because of their specialism. The qualities associated with Playtex of the past – support, fit, shape and comfort – are all relevant today. And what all my research with women ask for. And so we’ve injected it with style and glamour. I think it’s a great combination.

Can you describe the ‘Mary Recommends’ Playtex range?

I asked Playtex to take more of a ‘risk’ and to launch styles with more style and some colour. So, we mixed style and glamour with everything you expect from Playtex in terms of fit, support and comfort to create an ideal range.

What’s your experience of partnering with Playtex?

I’ve enjoyed working with a lingerie brand with such a huge heritage, they know their stuff. Plus, they’ve been a great team to work with and very receptive to all my ideas.

How important is a comfortable bra?

Essential, of course. Women want to be able to forget about their bra once it’s on. Playtex knows this and other essentials that women want from their underwear, like support and fit, which is why I’m recommending Playtex bras.

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Read the extended interview with Mary Portas – featuring exclusive quotes – in the September issue of Lingerie Insight.



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